Sunday, June 19, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

How could it escape my mind?
Earth Hour,

When all hope is lost,
and all seems black
I light a candle,
a candle for you and for me

May this little dim light
be enough to guide you
through this journey life

I too my friend am lost
I too my friend am afraid
I too my friend feel weak
but I have faith,
I have hope,
hope in this light that shines in my heart,
it may be dim
it may be small
but it shines on

Why should we fear when a simple flower have so much faith in day?

Wars, natural disaster, the madness of this faced paced world...
engulfed in technology,
forgetting beauty,
forgetting speech,
forgetting what it really means to be alive,
we are lost in this crazy world,

A soul, and faith,

A candle for you,
A candle for me,
A candle for us,
One soul, one race, one being,

Help me find reason,
help me be strong,
to forever believe in this light that shines within my soul,

I offer myself, my nothing to you
I raise my candle, my light to the heavens above,
and tears flow freely from deep within,

I remember in fellow man,
I with you, during this hour I raise my light,
to hope, to love, and to life,
to beauty and truth,

Although I my presence is not physical,
I am present as spirit and mind,

We are all the same, made of the same thing,

I can feel you with me,
I know you are there,

Let us stop, and allow ourselves to feel, to let life flow through,
through our hearts, through our spirit

And so i hold this candle,
I hold this light,
and think of you...

To love, to life, to beauty and truth...
to you and me, and to the world

Date: 26th March, 2011 - Earth Hour

Inspired by: Earth Hour 2011 - Official Video

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