Sunday, June 19, 2011



People, people of the world. Your voices fly over this virtual space. From different corners of the globe you come together and unite to create this beautiful piece of music, this masterpiece which crosses across this virtual universe. A universe created by man. Virtual yet Real.

Id-damdim, bhal daqqa ta' martel fuq wara ta' rasek. It-twezieq, bhal xi hadd iqatta l-karti ma widnejk. Il-glied bhal xita ta' gebel fuq mohhok.

The resound, like being hit with a hammer at the back of the head. The screams, like someone tearing papers by your ear. The fighting, like rain of stone on your mind.

L-istonku jafas, jiprova jimbotta dan id-dmugh mistur il-barra...

My stomach presses harder, trying to push out these hidden tears...

Date: 18th June, 2010
Inspired by: "Lux Aurumque - Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir"


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