Sunday, June 19, 2011

I looked at you and you looked at me...

This was originally written in Maltese. Unfortunately I have lost the original copy and I only have the English version which you can find below.

I looked at you and you looked at me...

"I looked at you and you looked at me,
white shirt and cream pants, so light and summery,
I have known your face for years and so your name,
I am curious about who you are, about what you are and what you do,

In a curious place our eyes met,
I walked past you with an air of tease,
like a little child, who wants to be a man,
yet his heart is still soft and innocent,

Oh foolishness of youth,
like the song of a little girl that is capable of bringing a smile to any old man's face who has tasted the bitterness of life,
Two young men, lost fighting battles within, dancing to the beat of life,
somewhere in a dream we met and we got lost in the kiss of two lovers in platonic love,

Oh foolishness of youth..."

Date: 5th June, 2011

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